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If you have questions about the blue package products…

Contact us at this number for the blue package (Acnes Lab series) 0120-155-335

* Click here to learn the differences with the white package (HIN series).

Delivering beautiful skin to as many women as possible. The "Aizawa method" originated from the idea of eradicating adult acne.

We hope that you'll never suffer from acne, again.


The differences between the two-types of packages

  • Why are there products with different packages?
    Acnes Labo mainly sells two brands, namely the white packaged HIN series and the blue packaged Dr. AI series. The difference is that while the HIN series are sold in stores, Dr. AI series are handled online at ""
  • Are there any differences other than the places at which they are sold?
    The ingredients contained in each series are different.
    The ingredients and prices are controlled for the Dr. AI series so that it is available to many customers. On the other hand, the HIN series was developed valuing formulation rather than price, enabling it to cover a wide range of skin problems.
HIN Acnes Labo
Cleansing Gel M
Acnes Labo
Medical Cleansing Gel
Size 100g 100g
Price 3,024 Yen 1,490 Yen
Vitamin CWhitening ×
Vitamin EAntioxidant ×
NiacinamideMoisture increased ×
HIN Acnes Labo
Medical Estranight Cream
Acnes Labo Acne Care
Medical Spots Cream
Size 15g 7g
Price 3,240 Yen 1,490 Yen
Glycyrrhizic acid 2KAnti-inflammation ×
NiacinamideMoisture increased